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Create a user-centered responsive website for the company’s initial online presence


  • Used animation on the home page to show how the two products were connected but separate
  • Provided feedback to client about content by suggesting ways to reduce jargon and communicate clearly
  • Site launched in 2014

My Role

Responsive design · front-end development · creative direction · design · wordpress · cms integration · website architecture

Solar Sign up Form

Design and theme a sign-up process that integrates with the utility and provides a real time quote based on a user’s electricity usage


  • 6 wireframe versions and 4 theming versions created
  • 28 reports written (9 research and 19 flow explanations)
  • 12 specifications created
  • Design patterns created for forms, buttons, radial buttons, error messages, tool tips, and user messages
  • Account dashboard wireframes created and partially themed
  • The solar product should launch in 2017

My Role

Wireframing · UI/UX · art direction · design · ux flows · ux specifications · wireframe theming · error definition · writer/editor · research · design pattern definition

Sign up flow

Sample Wireframes

Sample Themed Pages

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