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[cq_vc_hotspot image=”51″ icontype=”number” position=”67.37722960151802%|32.169875%,31.46944971537002%|64.878875%,” iconbackground=”#6fd1ea” circlecolor=”#ffffff” arrowposition=”left,left” tooltipstyle=”noir” tooltipanimation=”fade”][hotspotitem] Cameras used to capture people walking on the street and transmit their “silhouette” to the silver balls
[/hotspotitem] [hotspotitem] The silver balls move forward and back in response to the movement of people in front of the glass reflecting the general shape of each passerby. In this way, the stripes will be constantly moving with a ‘ripple’ which is responsive to the movement of traffic and pedestrians on the street in front of the store.

Window Display and Advertising

Create a window treatment concept for the Adidas SOHO store in New York City


  • “Reflect Yourself” concept created which included “active” Adidas stripes that wrap around the building at the Broadway/Houston corner and Stella McCartney posters on Houston Street
  • The images on the posters were framed kaleidoscopic images using photography from the Stella McCartney photo library
  • Poster concept also presented as an advertising campaign in the local area around the store
  • The active Adidas stripes concept was inspired by Daniel Rozin’s “Wooden Mirror”

My Role

creative direction · design

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